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Rehearsals for the 2019 season start on Tuesday 29 January.
7.30 pm in the ANU School of Music.

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Our regular re-auditions will be held on Saturday 19 January to help Rowan make sure that we have the right balance across the choir and get an idea of our ability to learn new music. We hope to make the experience as relaxed as possible.

The auditions are at the School of Music, in the room next to the one where we rehearse.

Rowan will have the help of Greta Claringbould and Anthony to make decisions.

The auditions will be in groups of up to 4. To provide some flexibility for the panel, we ask you to be available for an hour. The audition will take about 10 to 15 minutes. So with 16 people arriving at the beginning of the hour, the panel can spend a little more or less time with each group and not be waiting if one individual is running late.

Audtion format:
The audition will start with simple warm up exercises, up and down the scale.
Each group will then sing a prepared piece of music of their choice. Some of you will be able to organise yourselves into a group beforehand and choose a song. For those, perhaps most, who won’t be able to do that, we have attached pdf files of Locus Iste and Bogorodyitse Dyevo.
Finally, there will be a new piece of music, with the group learning it and then singing together, as we do in a rehearsal.

You can make your booking at

You will notice that there are 6 columns, one for each hour. Going down the sheet, the first 5 spaces are for the first quarter hour, marked by a solid blue row. The second 5 spaces are for the second quarter hour and so on. Remember, it is a live document so names may appear while you are looking at it. After you write your name in a slot, it will save automatically. You do not need to click anything to save it.

A special request to Tenor and Bass singers: Please add your name to a slot which does not already have a tenor or bass name as a favour to the altos and sopranos.

We will send the results individually by email shortly after the 19th and Rowan will be available for anyone who’d like to discuss them with her.

If you cannot come on the 19th January, that’s ok. You’ll have another opportunity on a later Saturday.

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Sunrise Mass by Ola Gjeilo

00:28: 1 The Spheres (Kyrie)
05:50: 2 Sunrise (Gloria)
16:56: 3 The City(Credo)
27:00: 4a Identity (Sanctus)
30:14: 4b Ground(Pleni sunt)

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Beethoven's Choral Fantasy


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Beethoven's Mass in C major

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Members' Responsibilities

The Llewellyn Choir's aims are to produce a high standard of choral music and to have fun both in rehearsing and performing. Over the choir's 30 years, we have developed a set of standards to help to ensure that we can meet these aims. They are meant to enhance, not restrict our enjoyment of the choir.

As a choir member, you are expected to:

Membership renewals

Download a membership renewal form and payment instructions:

Use this version if you just want to print it and fill it in by hand:
PDF print version

Use this version if you want to fill it in onscreen using your computer:
Onscreen fillable version
Note that it is not an online form - you have to SAVE A COPY TO YOUR COMPUTER FIRST, then type your information into it, then either email it to the treasurer or print it and hand it to him at rehearsal. To save a copy to your computer:
1. Right-click on the link and select 'Download Linked File As ...'
2. Save the file in an appropriate folder.
3. Open the file using Acrobat reader and fill in the details.
4. Save and close the file and email to the Treasurer.

Learning Resources

Pronunciation guides


Italian pronunciation guide [PDF, 51K]


Two sites which might be useful as general references for pronouncing Spanish (especially in Latin America):
This one is Mexican:

And some excellent videos:

Here is a good online resource. It has audio files available which you can download from the site:

Some French pronunciation videos

Midi files

Want to practice your part at home but don't have ready access to a keyboard? Click here to find midi files and mp3 files for both the current and previous concerts, along with instructions for using them.

Useful links

CyberBass is an amazing site – it contains a wealth of resources for choirs and singers, both free and for purchase. For example, for major works you can listen to midi files to help you learn your vocal line.

Choral Public Domain Library
The Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL) is an internet-based free sheet music website which specializes in choral music. It hosts a large collection of music scores and other supporting files (such as midi or other sound files) which can be freely downloaded and used.

The Silvis Woodshed
In the old days a singer would hide out in the woodshed to learn his notes. Now we have tools like midi to help us along. George Silvis hopes for this page to be a collection of midi files and tools to help singers learn their notes so that they can be ready to turn it into music when they go to rehearsal. A fantastis source of midi files for rehearsal.

King's Lynn Festival Chorus
King's Lynn Festival Chorus is the resident choir for one of the UK's growing music festivals. The Chorus was formed in 1977 for an inaugural concert conducted by Christopher Hogwood. They have a comprehensive library of midi files on their website: or

Choraline provides resources for choirs and singers- for example, vocal scores, folders, rehearsal CDs, pronunciation guides and more.

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